Whatmough SIGNATURE 15i 2-Way Stand-Mount Speakers
Whatmough SIGNATURE 15i 2-Way Stand-Mount Speakers

Whatmough SIGNATURE 15i 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers




Bookshelf Speaker

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Whatmough SIGNATURE SERIES Stand-Mount Speakers - S15 (P15S)

Briefed to stop at nothing in the pursuit for an uncompromised, medium size, stand mounted loudspeaker, we arrived at a configuration of cabinet, drivers, crossovers and connections that has proven to be a winning combination.

The Signature P15 features a striking timber cabinet. These beautifully engineered cabinets are a bass reflex front ported configuration featuring 18mm thick solid MDF timber walls. Two stunning finishes are available, real timber (Bubinga) veneer or a gloss metallic graphite paint. The cabinets are extensively braced and dampened to prevent unwanted audio interactions and resonances. The curved surfaces don't just look stylish, they are also highly functional and help to increase rigidity and prevent undesirable internal standing waves. These attributes as well as the carefully designed proportions of the cabinet are one of the keys to the Signature P15's incredible sound.

The Signature P15 uses the same ring radiator tweeter found in Whatmough's flagship speaker, the Paragon. This ultra expensive tweeter is incredibly fast and detailed while also sounding extremely smooth and open. The tweeter's frequency range extends beyond 40kHz and helps create a speaker with massive bandwidth and a very flat response. The bass driver features a 33mm, high temperature, voice coil and large double magnet system to match perfectly with the dynamic characteristics of the tweeter.

Crossover Network
These beautifully crafted speakers utilise premium quality polypropylene film capacitors housed in a non-magnetic case with pure copper soldered lead-out wires. The hand built crossover networks used in the Signature P15 are point-to-point hard wired and all components are meticulously positioned to minimise any interaction. Cardas (USA) cabling is used as internal wiring throughout. Despite the difficulty involved in using these premium, individually insulted, cables within such an intricate application the resulting stunning sonic performance is worth while.

Binding Posts
Our entire range of Signature Series speakers, including the Signature P15, use solid copper Cardas (USA) binding posts. These long billet copper Cardas/Colver binding posts are silver plated and Rhodium coated to ensure the best connection and a lifetime of incredible performance. These terminals are considered by many to be the world's best. The Signature P15 performs at its best when running in bi-wire or bi-amped configuration. Therefore, Whatmough does not recommend any bridging applications.


2-way bass reflex enclosure using a 170mm hybrid fibre cone long elbow bass driver and a 35mm dual concentric tweeter with wave guide centre plug.

Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms

Amplifier Power Requirement
25-100 watts RMS

Power Handling
Transient level in excess of 150 watts with an average level of 60 watts.

89dB input level of 2.83V. (1 watt into 8 OHM)

Frequency Response
45Hz to 40kHz ± 3dB

240W x 490H x 330D mm

19kg each

Real Bubinga Timber Veneer or Piano Graphite

5 Years*