Whatmough S33i 3-Way Floor-Standing Speakers

Whatmough S33i 3-Way Floor-Standing Speakers




Floorstanding Speaker

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Whatmough S33i 3-Way Floor-Standing Speakers


The Whatmough S33i floor standing speakers are the ultimate speaker in the Whatmough Signature series. Their design and built quality are up to the audiophile standards. The S33i delivers truly spectacular sound.

The Signature S33i are based on the Performance Series P33i, with significant improvements to bring them up to Signature Series status.


This cabinet design offers more than just great looks — they also offer improved sound quality. By eliminating internal parallel surfaces, the curved surfaces offer clearer and cleaner sound by minimizing internal standing waves. Even more significantly, the curved panels are inherently more rigid and less resonant than the flat panels of a conventional speaker cabinet, which further helps to minimize coloration.


The Signatures S33i uses the same Ring Radiator tweeter that is used in Whatmough's flagship speaker, the Paragon. This ultra-expensive tweeter sounds incredibly fast and detailed while also sounding extremely smooth and open. It has a very flat response extending to beyond 40KHz.


The Signature S33i uses a 100mm cellulous fibre coned mid-range driver. This driver has the speed and transparency no bass/mid driver can match.


The Signature S33i uses two 170mm fiberglass/nomex hybrid drivers especially developed for these speakers. The cone for this speaker is made of Nomex with a skin of fiberglass. This long throw driver uses a 33mm high temperature voice coil and a large double magnet system.

This driver has very high power handling as well as a very transparent detailed sound quality.


The S33i uses high grade audiophile film and foil capacitors in critical positions. Air cored coils are used throughout, wound from a heavier grade of high purity Australian copper.


The perfect partner in the Signature Series system featuring the S8i in the centre and P12i or PFX3i speakers in the rear for a truly exceptional home cinema surround sound experience.

The S33i is fully made in Australia.

3-way bass reflex enclosure using two 170mm hybrid fibre cone long elbow bass drivers, a 100mm cellulose fibre midrange driver and a 35mm dual concentric tweeter with wave guide centre plug.

Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Amplifier Power Requirement 25-150 watts RMS

Power Handling
Transient level in excess of 300 watts with an average level of 120 watts.

88dB input level of 2.83V. (1 watt into 8 ?)

Frequency Response
38Hz to 40kHz ± 3dB

260W x 1200H x 430D mm

45kg each

Real Bubinga Timber Veneer or Piano Graphite

5 Years*