Transparent XL 110Ω Balanced Digital Cable 0.5M XLR/piece

Transparent XL 110Ω Balanced Digital Cable 0.5M XLR/piece




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Transparent XL 110Ω Balanced Digital Cable

Transparent’s Digital Cables have set the standard for ultimate digital signal transmission, but Transparent has a strong commitment to continue to push the parameters of the current state of the art. Dielectric materials and extrusion techniques, conductor size and composition, impedance matching, shielding, and connector technology all affect noise and jitter in high-speed digital signals.

The new Transparent XL 110-Ohm Digital Link uses these latest technical advances to reach a level of purity and ease never before achieved by any digital cable, even Transparent’s own Reference 110-Ohm Digital Link. The XL 110-Ohm Balanced Digital Link uses Transparent Advanced Expanded Foam Technology for precise impedance control and low noise signal transmission. With 2 solid OFHC conductors that are significantly larger than Reference 110-Ohm Digital Link conductors, the XL 110-Ohm Balanced Digital Link has far more surface area with which to transfer digital signals accurately. It also features improved connector and termination technologies.

XL 110-Ohm Balanced Digital Link achieves a new level of ease — both in dynamic range and in full frequency range — and is ideally suited to the very best separate digital components. Its extremely low noise floor allows it to reveal harmonic texture and spatial information in ways more natural and compelling than any other digital cable design we have ever tried or tested.


SPECIFICATIONS - Transparent REFERENCE 110Ω Balanced Digital Cable

  • Two heavy, polished, solid core OFHC balanced conductors
  • Precision twisted balanced conductors cancel out noise
  • Super quiet Advanced Expanded Foam Technology ensures superior stability of characteristic AES/EBU impedance
  • Two high coverage OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield keep noise out
  • Custom XLRs with gold contacts for maximum signal transfer