Transparent MAGNUM OPUS PHONO Cable

Transparent MAGNUM OPUS PHONO Cable




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Transparent MAGNUM OPUS PHONO Cable


OPUS Phono Interconnect (OPH) is the appropriate tonearm to phono preamp connection in the finest LP playback systems. Crafted from the same cable, connectors, and vibration damped carbon fiber network housings as OPUS RCA Interconnect, OPUS Phono Interconnect provides the perfect complement to the special needs of delicate, extremely low-level phono signals.

Most OPUS owners have spent years assembling and investing in their dream system in a quest to get closer to the music. OPUS Phono Interconnect is the linking solution to help ultimate LP playback systems deliver upon their promise of thrilling “you are there” listening experiences every time you press “on” and cue up your favorite record.

OPUS Phono Interconnect is a significant performance upgrade compared to XL Phono Interconnect. OPH transfers well-defined bass energy to the bottom of the bottom octave and provides a quieter interface for low-level audio signals than XL Phono Interconnect.

OPH network components are also specifically chosen and matched more closely to suit the electrical characteristics of the cable and its length, and the network itself is calibrated more precisely to the electrical output characteristics of your phono cartridge. This extra level of precision adds considerable time to the painstaking OPH manufacturing process, but the results in your system are worth it: from feeling and hearing the full power of the orchestra to every nuance of tonal shading and harmonic resolution within the performance space.

Vibration and resonance control also go to new heights with OPUS. The components that comprise each network are encased in electrically neutral epoxy and surrounded by a carbon fiber network housing that has been contoured specifically for the purpose of reducing standing wave reflections. Carbon fiber is nonmagnetic, light, and stiff. The thinner, stronger network housing provides a larger cavity for damping epoxy loading, and the non-magnetic qualities of carbon fiber allow the free and full expansion of electromagnetic fields which results in more accurate transmission of micro dynamics and harmonic music information.

Transparent customizes all OPUS Phono Interconnects to suit each specific system set up with RCA, DIN, or XLR connections, including differentially balanced phono preamp inputs. Cables fitted with the custom Transparent DIN connector have a sleek, contoured coupler to create a smooth transition between cable and termination, and are individually fabricated to precise tonearm, turntable suspension, and phono preamp requirements. Transparent DIN couplers are offered with two methods of strain relief to keep the weight of the cable from affecting the performance of your turntable and tonearm system.

OPH must be calibrated and configured for your specific phono cartridge, tonearm-turntable combination and phono preamp. Contact THE AUDIO EXPERTS to share the details of your system components and room layout.

Specifications of the Transparent Opus Phono Cable

  • Standard termination: RCA > RCA
  • Custom DIN terminations available
  • Fully differentially balanced XLR termination available
  • Lengths: 1-meter, 1.5-meter, 2-meter, and 10-feet
  • Specify phono cartridge for precise network calibration
  • Specify tonearm-turntable and phono preamp for correct configuration
  • Custom terminations/lengths always available