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TAOC XL Equipment Rack

Made in Japan

TAOC ASR III Equipment Rack is a vibration damping rack for all audio equipment. The tranquility realized by their superb damping effect greatly expands the range of musical expression.

The ASR utilizes a combination of hybrid aluminum and cast-iron construction. These 2 materials effectively absorb the rack's external and internal vibrations resulting in high-quality sound.

TAOC's parent company, Aisin Takaoka, is ahigh-grade audio equipment company established in 1983 in Japan. It is a member of the Toyota group of companies. Aisin Takaoka is the largest producer of cast-iron automobile parts in Japan and one of the world's top casting companies.


    • Aluminum die-cast frames and aluminum support poles deliver an aesthetically pleasing form, light weight, and high levels of rigidity.
    • The rack ensures high-resolution sound with its hybrid cast-iron/ aluminum construction and damping shelf boards supported on pin spikes.
    • Racks are available in black metallic or silver metallic.
    • Additional shelves and special pole lengths are available by special order.

Load Capacity:

    • Up to 100kgs per shelf
    • Up to 400Kgs for the 5-shelf rack

Available Shelf Colors:


    • Black or Silver