NAD VM300 4K Video Module

NAD VM300 4K Video Module




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NAD VM300 4K Video Module


NAD's innovative MDC architecture, NAD VM300 4K Video Module, is a highly advancedconcept. It allows customers to upgrade their NAD AV Receiveror Processor with new technology and additional features wellinto the future.

NAD's newly upgraded VM300 4K HDMI 2.0 have keptNAD customers at the forefront of technology while protectingtheir original investment.

VM300 UHD (4K) Video Module for T 187,T 777, T 787, M15HD, M17

This upgrade incorporates two of the hottest and most desirablenew technologies into a single module that works in all NADMDC AV products. It not only provides Ultra High Definition (UHD)video performance, but it also adds the option* of network musicstreaming, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, allowing up to 64 zonesof BluOS™ compatible High Res Audio music players to beadded to create the most advanced multi-room system onthe planet.

Using the very latest 4K video chipsets, the VM 300 supports60 frames per second (4K/60 @ 4/4/4) to fully support allcurrent and future UHD formats. Many UHD AVR's still usemuch slower video processing that limits performance to4K/60 @ 4/2/0. VM 300 also includes the latest HDCP 2.2copy protection necessary for accessing all commercial UHDvideo releases. Like previous MDC video modules, NAD haschosen to take a ‘do no harm' approach to the video signalby neither adding nor subtracting precious information, thusleaving the frame rate and colour space unaltered from theinput to the output. Only the audio signal is extracted forprocessing and amplification by the latest state-of-the-artHigh Resolution Audio circuitry.

Introducing BluOS for NAD
Meet theBluOS upgrade kit— a small device that easily connects to the USB input of your BluOS ready NAD amplifier or receiver and lets you stream all your music with one easy-to-use app. Once set up and connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can simply use the BluOS Controller app for smartphone, tablet, and desktop to stream & control lossless music, or group with other BluOS enabled devices like wireless speakers, and add high-resolution sound to any room in your home.

BluOS Features

    • Easy setup: plug it into the USB input on your MDC-equipped NAD receiver or amplifier, connect it to your network, and start streaming

    • Stream lossless music, up to 24-bit/192kHz, in bit-perfect quality
      wirelessly to any stereo or home theatre system

    • Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop as a remote—simply open the BluOS app and have the whole music experience at your fingertips

    • Sync large hi-res music collections for on-demand streaming, or add your favourite music service for access to millions of songs.

    • Seamless integration with popular home integration systems including Crestron, Control4, URC, RTI, and Push.