ISOTEK EVO3 Genesis One Power Conditioner
ISOTEK EVO3 Genesis One Power Conditioner

ISOTEK EVO3 Genesis One Power Conditioner




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ISOTEK EVO3 Genisis One

This ultimate power regenerator is a revolutionary benchmark in clean-power technology for high-performance audio and AV systems. EVO3 Genesis creates an entirely new, extremely low-distortion mains sine wave using multiple generators — a unique component, and uniquely effective.


"I was blown away… as the results show(Hi-Fi News Lab Report), overall distortion from the EVO3 Genesis is less than a twentieth of that from the mains supply. This, by any measure, is an excellent result. There's no doubt that the Genesis can elicit a marked improvement in sound quality"...Hi-Fi News Magazine
"A statement product that shows what is possible, setting the standards in mains synthesis... The IsoTek Genesis enables you to hear — really hear — your hi-fi system, possibly for the very first time"...Hi-Fi World Magazine
"I tried the Genesis on all the source products that came through the listening room and in every instance it allowed them to produce significantly superior results... you really don't know what any component is capable of if you are just plugging it into the wall."...Hi-Fi+ Magazine


    • Two 300W mains sine wave generation engines produce a total 600W extremely low THD output
    • Super clean stablepower supply
    • Fullystabilised voltage
    • Fully corrected mains sine wavesymmetry on the zero volts line,elimination of DC and transformer hum issues
    • Product display gives full data about the incoming andout coming mains supply, voltage, THD, power consumption
    • Turn on and turn off each cell independently
    • Full resonance control isolation (ISIS) rack system built in
    • Supplied with IsoTek's award winning Premier power cable
    • UK, EU, US, Australian and Swiss specifications available


    • Number of outlets 4
    • Outlets 1-4 (sine wave generation) 600W
    • THD Between 0.05% and 0.17% (typical)
    • RFI reduction +85dB extending down to zero Hz
    • Voltage stabalisation 230V or 110V +/- 1%
    • Mains inlet 16A IEC C20
    • Dimensions 500 x 300 x 500mm (W x H xD)
    • Weight 45Kg