Gold Note PSU-10 External Power Supply

Gold Note PSU-10 External Power Supply


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Gold Note PSU-10

An external power supply specially designed for the PH-10 phono stage to improve the sound performance.

The PSU-10 features a dual choke design powered by a double inductor driving the negative and positive high current stages. It also features an inductive filter on the analog stage besides lies

Gold Note PSU-10 Reviews

"The addition of the PSU10 lifts the PH10 into another league instantly. We loved what we heard and are convinced that anyone who experiences the PH-10/PSU-10 will fall in love too."

— Marja&Henk 6moons HD.png

The large, ultra-clean power enhances super low noise, greater dynamic, better resolution and finer details for a more realistic high-end audio performance and pure audio pleasure.

PSU-10 is able to help PH-10 extracting every single detail guaranteeing the best dynamic, resolution and realism music experience listening to vinyl.

"I can't say enough good things about this phono stage and power supply. They really compliment each other!"

Pete DaveyPositive-Feedback-HD.png 


    • Four rail audio grade power supply
    • Four ultra-low noise voltage regulator
    • +12V, +5V for logic
    • +/- 14V for analog with inductive noise remover
    • Line regulation for all output 0,05 %/V
    • Load regulation for all output 0,05 %Vu
    • Line noise rejection >80dB
    • Common mode noise rejection >80dB
    • 220mm L | 80mm A | 260mm
    • 3 Kg


    • Main supply: 100/120V & 220/240V (50/60Hzautomatic selection)
    • Nominal power: 25W
    • Dynamic power: >50W
    • Stand by power: <1W
    • Full power response time <2,5usec