DS AUDIO Stylus Cleaner ST-50
DS AUDIO Stylus Cleaner ST-50

DS AUDIO Stylus Cleaner ST-50


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DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner

The DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleanerhas the ability to absorb micro-level dust particles. It effortlessly removes particles of dust and dirt from the stylus tip.

The easy-to-useDS Audio ST-50 Stylus CleanerInstructions:-

  • Remove the cover.

  • Carefully place the ST-50 on the turntable platter and gently lower the arm to touch the stylus onto the gel pad.

  • Lift and lower the arm two or three times (taking care not to rotate the platter during cleaning).

  • The stylus is now completely dirt and dust free.

There is no need to apply excessive force or pressure to the stylus tip. There's also no risk to cartridges that use cement-bonded styli which can be dissolved by certain solvent-based cleaning liquids.

Use the ST-50 for all types of cartridge and stylus — from optical to MM and MC cartridges. Its slim profile also makes it compatible with a wide variety of tonearms. It is incredibly gentle and safe.

The ST-50 stylus cleaner is an aesthetically desirable piece of kit. It sits in a sleek aluminium casing that has a smart nickel-plated finish.

DS Audio ST-50 Instructions: