Artnovion Siena W Absorber
Artnovion Siena W Absorber

Artnovion Siena W Absorber




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Artnovion Siena W Absorber Absorber

Hybrid Powerhouse

Siena boasts the highest absorption rate for a wooden absorber on the market.

Designed using a slatted QRD sequence over a high-performance acoustic core, this is a true powerhouse of a panel, that controls and distributes incoming sound waves, to help create a perfectly balanced sound field.

Siena Absorber is a timeless acoustic panel with a natural touch, available in a range of wooden and lacquered finishes.


- RT reduction

- Flutter echo control

-  Reducing excessive reverberation

-  Improving speech intelligibility

Core Color: Marron

Dimension/piece: (mm) 595*595*63


Please contact us for your room acoustic designing and available colors for the Avalon Flow.


Acoustic Treatment Packages Introductory Prices only:

Helen Absorber Package x 8 panels (Grigio & Nero) = $1,099
Helen Absorber Mobile Kits (2 towers of 3 Panels) (Grigio & Nero) = $1,298
Loki Absorber Behind the Screen x 8 panels (Nero) = $1,992
Sparta Suede Fabric Finish Absorber x 8 panels(Grigio & Nero)= $2,392
Sparta Fabric Weave Absorber x 8 Panels (Smoke & Licorice) = $2,798
Sienna Bass Trap Mobile Kits (2 towers of 3 panels - Marron) $2,598
Atlantis Flow x 8 panels (Wengy & Grigio)= $4,792
Avalon Flow packages x 10 panels (Birch & Grigio)= $5,740