Analysis Plus V1.4 3D new HDMI with Ethernet Cable

Analysis Plus V1.4 3D new HDMI with Ethernet Cable


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Analysis Plus V1.4 3D new HDMI with Ethernet Cable


Analysis Plus new V1.4 3D HDMI cable is a 24 AWG - many companies use flimsy 30 AWG.

This High Speed with Ethernet HDMI cable fully support all features of HDMI® v1.4. Data rate >10.2Gbps- covering 1080p, Audio Return Channel (ARC) and all 3D formats.

It has been certified by Panasonic ATC under HDMI CTS 1.4 Cat.2.

It comes in 1.0 meter, 2.0 meter, 3.0 meter, 4.0 meter, 5.0 meter and 6.0 meter lenghts.

We also have made the molded connector slimmer (16.75mm to

This product is a heavy duty (UL) CL2 rated HDMI cable for professional applications and high end home theater systems.

Design highlights include:

24AWG conductors Low loss dielectrics Gold plated contacts

Over-molded boot with a fully shielded 360 connector

the Analysis Plus X Factor HDMI cables can meet HDMI 1.3a Cat. 1 up to 20 meters or more.

HDMI 1.2a/1.3a (Cat.1) Parameter Measured 74.25 MHz Attenuation 4.125 GHz Intra-Pair Skew 151ps up to 20 meters (1080p/24bit) HDMI 1.3a Cat.2 Parameter Measured 340 MHz Attenuation 5.1 GHz Intra-Pair Skew 111ps up to 6 meters 1080p (1080p/48bit)