Artnovion Avalon Flow Starter Pack
Artnovion Avalon Flow Starter Pack

Artnovion Avalon Flow Starter Pack




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Artnovion Avalon Flow Package

The acoustic quality of a space is dependant of various factors: It can be related to the similariity and non-similarity of the sound field, and the quantity of energy in the room. These factors are engineered in accordance with the purpose of the room.

We have many ways of improving acoustics. Absorption, is where we remove energy from the room, reducing or eliminating reflections, or through diffusion, where we scatter incoming waves, distributing their energy over a larger area.


Package includes:

- 10 panels

- All fitting accessories


Brochures for more detailed information

*  Colors shown are Indicative only  *

Acoustic Treatment Packages Introductory Prices only:

Helen Absorber Package x 8 panels (Grigio & Nero) = $1,099
Helen Absorber Mobile Kits (2 towers of 3 Panels) (Grigio & Nero) = $1,298
Loki Absorber Behind the Screen x 8 panels (Nero) = $1,992
Sparta Suede Fabric Finish Absorber x 8 panels(Grigio & Nero)= $2,392
Sparta Fabric Weave Absorber x 8 Panels (Smoke & Licorice) = $2,798
Sienna Bass Trap Mobile Kits (2 towers of 3 panels - Marron) $2,598
Atlantis Flow x 8 panels (Wengy & Grigio)= $4,792
Avalon Flow packages x 10 panels (Birch & Grigio)= $5,740