Easy Listening - Everything You Need to Know about Different Types of Audio Speakers

Music lovers across the world are finding joy in the advancing technology of audio speakers and how they can transform the experience of listening to music or watching a movie at home. In the past, the opportunity for speakers was generally bulky appliances that took up a lot of room. Today, technology has given us speakers that are aesthetically pleasing that blend in with our surroundings, or speakers that are virtually undetectable in the home.

There are now different types of speakers to suit your home, business, or even driving needs.

Setting Up a Home Audio System

It’s really important to know what you will use your audio system for before you rush out and buy one. The set up you have to watch movies will be different to the set up you have if you want to have music on your patio.

Your basic stereo system will include a stereo amplifier or receiver, your source for listening to music (either by plugging in your system or via Bluetooth), and of course, the speakers. From here it is a matter of deciding how you will listen to your music or movies, whether you want to connect more than two speakers and how much money you want to spend.

If you haven’t purchased a home audio system before, or you need some help, our friendly team is more than happy to assist.

Let’s take a look at the types of speakers you can purchase for music system for home to enhance the sound of your music and movies at home.

Types of Speakers

At The Audio Experts, we have a wide range of speaker types to suit all your needs.

On Wall Speakers

On-wall speakers are great for home theatre setups, as well as indoor and outdoor audio set-up. These speakers tend to be inexpensive but if chosen correctly for your needs, will still produce the perfect sound every time.

These speakers are also great if you don’t want speakers sitting on your floor. Wall speakers are mounted, and should sit at an equal distance to the television. They should also sit at least one metre away from any side walls or corners.

In-Wall Architectural Speakers

In-wall architectural speakers sit flush against your wall, providing a highly pleasing aesthetic in any home theatre room or lounge room. These speakers are well suited for a small room, working best with low bass.

Good quality speakers will last through years of use, making them a great option for a growing family. As part of an inbuilt audio system, in-wall architectural speakers can help to increase the value of your home when you go to sell.

In-Ceiling Architectural Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are perfect for those looking for an immersive surround sound set up for their home theatre. The great thing is, because these speakers are mounted into your ceiling, you have no cables on show, which helps to keep the room looking tidy.

Done well, these speakers look fantastic, and offer that complete surround sound experience you’ll get from cinemas and concerts.

Outdoor Speakers

Designed for the outdoors, these speakers allow you to set up the best sound system for music outdoors. Outdoor speakers hold up to the weather elements a lot better than indoor speakers, and can even discreetly be included in your landscape design.

If you entertain outdoors, or spend a lot of time in your garden, outdoor speakers are perfect for music as well as watching sports.

Music & Movie Subwoofers

Do you know that feeling you get in a movie or at a concert where you can just feel the bass through your body? Did you know you can get that feeling at home? Music and movie subwoofers offer you an even greater listening/watching experience.

These speakers give a lot more depth to what you are listening or watching, and they enhance the overall sound. Subwoofers are perfect for those setting up a serious home audio system in Melbourne.

Surrounds & Effects Speakers

Surrounds and effects speakers disburse sound slightly differently to normal speakers. These audio speakers send soundwaves to the front and rear rather than directly to you. These speakers best pick up the back surround effects, which are those effects that add to the movie but aren’t the main feature.

These speakers should be placed around the seating area, and placed in specific locations to achieve the full surround sound effect.

Centre Speakers

Centre speakers form an integral part of the surround sound system. It is these speakers that produce much of the speaking in movies and music, making it much easier to hear what is being said. These speakers tend to be positioned either on top or below your screen, in between your main speakers.

The centre speakers do most of the work, so it is important to have a high-quality centre speaker as part of your audio system set-up.

Bookshelf Speakers

Much as the name suggests, bookshelf speakers are made to sit on a shelf, table or elevated surface. They aren’t made to sit on the floor as they are designed to produce a high quality of sound in a small room.

Often bookshelf speakers are made for music or movies, so if you aren’t sure which one to purchase, have a chat with our friendly team about your intentions for your speakers, and we’ll help you get the best option that meets your needs and your budget.

Floorstanding Speakers

Floorstanding speakers are one of the main speakers in a home audio system (bookshelf speakers are the other). As per the name, these speakers sit on the floor, and they are quite tall - the sound comes out around ear level. Because these speakers tend to be larger, you’ll tend to find these speakers in an audio store in Melbourne rather than in a general department store.

Floor speakers are versatile, so great to use whether you are watching movies, listening to music or playing video games.

Portable Speakers

Looking for a speaker you can take with you? Portable speakers are perfect for those on the go. Whether you’re looking for something you can take to the kitchen to listen to an audiobook while cooking dinner, or to take along on your next picnic, a good quality portable speaker is a must.

The great thing about portable speakers is that they connect via Bluetooth, allowing you to connect up your phone or any other device wireless and not have cables everywhere.

Wireless Speakers

Incredibly easy to install, if you want an aesthetically pleasing look or something that is easy to remove and move, wireless speakers are the best option. Wireless speakers are best used when you want to be able to play music throughout your whole house and not just in one or two rooms. The bluetooth connectivity gives you flexibility when it comes to home audio.

What Type of Home Audio in Melbourne is Best?

The best type of home audio system for your Melbourne home is really determined by how you intend to use your speakers.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can help you put together an audio system that best suits your needs.