Van den Hul The Name RCA Cable

Van den Hul The Name RCA Cable


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Van den Hul The Name

RCA Interconnect

Van den Hul The Name is a high Quality √ò 7.3 mm, 75 Ohms coaxial interconnect cable with a double screen and a solid core. The core and the screen are made from pure silver coated OFC.

The NAME is ideal for use as audio interconnect in any situation, like wiring your home theater setup or going from CD player to amplifier.Sheer sound quality. It is also perfect in AV applications like antenna/cable TV, video, surround and S/PDIF digital audio connections. Trouble free and lasting high performance!


  • Double shield

  • Provides your signals excellent protection against unwanted noise and interference from the outside world's radio frequency and other electromagnetic disturbances.

  • Solid core

  • A heavy 1.1 mm √ò central conductor provides high frequency bandwidth and low loss signal transfer. The cable's construction furthermore ensures that the core is virtually unbreakable.

  • Pure silver coated OFC

  • Both the signal core and shield's signal return are made of dense silver coated high purity Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). This high quality composition maintains signal integrity and provides maximum durability. Signal quality that lasts!

  • High-grade connectors.

  • Excellent protection and durability

  • The NAME's dense silver coated conductors, as well as its rugged and hardwearing HULLIFLEX ® jacket, provide an optimal protection against chemical (corrosive) attack from the outside world and ensure a very long lifespan.