Van den Hul The Bay C5 Hybrid RCA Cable

Van den Hul The Bay C5 Hybrid RCA Cable


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Van den Hul Bay C5 Hybrid

RCA Interconnect

The Van den Hul Bay C5H RCA Interconnect is a quality Hybrid coaxial cable. The Bay C5 is perfectly suited for internal (pre)amplifier and mixing console wiring applications as well as an unbalanced interconnect.



    • The coaxial construction is made with a center conductor consisting of 40 x 0.12 mm. strands exhibiting an effective cross section area of 0.452 mm¬≤ (AWG 20.6) and a resistance of 3.8 Ohm/100 meter.
    • The center conductor is coated with a layer of LSC and is insulated with foamed polyethylene.
    • The cable capacitance is 110 pF/m.
    • The double screen is made of a 16 x 6 x 0.12 mm. stranded braid with underneath a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer to further close the cable against HF signals and to dramatically improve the signal quality.
    • The total resistance of the screen is 1.6 Ohm/100 meter.
    • The external 5.2 mm. diameter jacket is made of red colored HULLIFLEX ® 4, a material with superior properties compared to e.g. PVC; HULLIFLEX ® gives The BAY C5 HYBRID a very long life span without any ageing effects.