PS Audio P15 DirectStream Power Plant
PS Audio P15 DirectStream Power Plant
PS Audio P15 DirectStream Power Plant

PS Audio P15 DirectStream Power Plant


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PS Audio P15 DirectStream Power Plant

The DirectStream P15 is the second-largest high-end personal power generating station in the world, next to the P20. It is the successor of the venerable P10 Power Plant relied upon by thousands around the world. The P15 is all-new, based on the P10, but rebuilt from the ground up. It features an ultra-low impedance analog power amplifier, pure DSD FPGA based sine-wave generator, a larger power supply, and the lowest distortion ever available in a Power Plant. The P15 is capable of powering any size system and bringing forth all that's possible from your system ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen.

Music should be enjoyed to it's fullest and risk of damage to your audio and video system avoided. With the PS Audio DirectStream P15, performance is greatly improved and safety from just plugging it into the wall socket. Audio improvements include but not limited to bass, bigger and more open soundstage than any power conditioner on the market. From medium to large power amplifiers to the smallest pieces of source equipment, the DirectStream P15 will work magic on your music audio or home theatre system. Bold claims but don't just take our word for it... take one home and try it for yourself.



    • Built-in Boulder
    • 1500 VA output
    • Passively cooled
    • 3X lower impedance than P10
    • 9 AU outlets
    • 10 amp AC input AU
    • 230 volt Regulated AU
    • Range200 —285VAC AU
    • 100% regenerated AC
    • MultiWave
    • Pure Sine Wave
    • Integrated oscilloscope
    • THD meter
    • Improvement meter
    • Power meter
    • Control over the web
    • Adjustable output voltage
    • Color touchscreen
    • Field upgradable