PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12
PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12
PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12

PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12


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PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12

PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12 offers power and purity to your whole system. It brings remarkable dynamics, stunning transparency, and holographic imaging to the most demanding systems. The P12 is capable of powering most small to medium-sized systems ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen.

The DirectStream Power Plant 12 regenerate high current AC power from your incoming AC power by eliminating the distorted waveforms and sagging power and noise. The P12 will provide pure and safe power under any condition.

The Power Plant 12 would further enhance the performance of your PS Audio BHK Signature 300 or Signature 250 amplifier.


    • Australian receptacles (4 outlets)
    • 100% regenerated AC
    • Pure Sine Wave
    • Control over the LAN
    • Color touchscreen
    • Adjustable output voltage


Unit Dimensions 43cm W x 36cm D x 10.16 cm H
Unit Weight 16.7kg
Shipping Dimensions 61cm x 53cm x 25cm
Shipping Weight 21.7kg
Nominal Input Voltage 200 —285VAC
Maximum Continuous Load 1200VA
Maximum Peak Load 3800VA
Voltage Regulation 1V
Output Distortion (Resistive Load) <0.9%
Output Distortion (Reactive Load) <0.9%
0.1% typical
Output Impedance <0.008 ohm
Noise Reduction 100kHz — 2MHz >80dB
Efficiency @1200 VA >85%
Input Frequency 45 — 65 Hz
Under Voltage Limit Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting
Over-Voltage Limit Continuous 5% of setting 15-sec duration 10% of setting
Energy Dissipation 1270J
Peak Current Surge 90,000A
Max Surge Voltage 6,000V
Clamp Level 800V
DC Trigger Configuration Tip Positive
DC Trigger Voltage 5 — 15Vdc