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PS Audio Directstream DAC

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Stereophile and Absolute Sound's Product Of The Year

The new PS Audio Directstream DAC is a remarkable DAC that is pure DSD inoperation. It handles both high resolution PCM and DSD like noother products ever made.

Put DSD into DirectStream, you get DSD. Similarly, if you put PCM (how CD's are recorded) into DirectStream, you get PCM.

DirectStream converts all digital inputs, including PCM, to pure 1-bit DSD, in an elegantly-simple path. during the process, the PCM feed becomes more linear, less edgy, and never-before-heard musical details are released from all digital audio recordings. Billions of CDs and high-resolution downloads worldwide will gain new life, and be saved from obsolescence. There's a notion floating around high-end audio circles that DSD may be nothing more than a passing fad. In fact, we would suggest the opposite may be true. PCM based music decoders are nearing the end of their life cycle in favor of a significantly more musical sounding format, DSD. 

PCM to DSD Conversion

Converting PCM to DSD can be an easy exercise using any number of computer software programs. Converting PCM to DSD properly,and in such a way as to reveal missing details in the music, is a serious technical challenge. Unlike other processors available today, DirectStream unifies all inputs (PCM or DSD) at 10 x DSD, then uses a true single-bit double-rate DSD core engine. True DSD core engines (compared to the standard multi-bit Sigma-Delta converters followed by random lower quality multi-bit converters) offer advantages in simplicity, linearity, and in analog-like overload characteristics that avoid PCM's hard clipping¬ù potential and a PCM processor's propensity to mask subtle details.

PS Audio DirectStream DAC Features

    • Pure 100% single bit DSD based D to A Converter
    • Purely passive output stage
    • Resolution perfect volume and balance controls
    • Simple, direct signal path with only one master clock
    • Immunity to jitter from sources
    • Asynchronous high speed USB
    • Polarity inversion
    • Play directly into your power amplifier or preamplifier
    • Hear more than you ever imagined from CDs