Melco N10 Music Library
Melco N10 Music Library
Melco N10 Music Library
Melco N10 Music Library

Melco N10 Music Library




Music Library

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Melco N10 Music Library


Melco N10 is a two box solution designed to improve sound quality by separating power supply and the head unit.
Compact half
-size head unit has selected 3TB 2.5” SFF HDD with all signal processing and connectivity, while the separate linear power supply is totally isolated from the head unit.

The elegant solid aluminium casework has the familiar Melco OLED display and sim- ple 4 button interface for delightfully simple operation and setup.

  • 215mm width half-sized components, solid aluminium case for mechanical integrity;

  • Full function control interface from front panel;

  • Front USB port, dual rear USB ports for HDD expansion or CD loader connectivity;

  • Unique to MELCO, Dual Gigabit Ethernet for separate Network and Streamer connec- tivity;

  • Dedicated 5-pin cable to connect PSU to head unit;

  • Linear PSU includes large toroidal transformer and extensive filtering;

  • Isolating feet from TOAC, renowned Japanese isolation brand;

  • Informative OLED display, showing file name, data format and connected devices.