Melco Music Library N100-H20
Melco Music Library N100-H20
Melco Music Library N100-H20

Melco Music Library N100-H20




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MELCO N100-H20 Music Library

N100 is the half-sized model of MELCO music library which has 2TB hard disc drive and 3 x USB2.0 port. N100 creates a convenient and compact Hi-Fi system when used with a USB-DAC Headphone amplifier setup or active speakers fed by USB.
Sound Quality of N100 is true to the Melco tradition and will not be outclassed in a high
-end system.

N100 will collate and arrange the complete music library and offers browse by Album, Artist, Data format, Date of recording, Composer etc.
Browse and play is possible from the N100 front panel or App on smartphone or tab- let. N100 supports all high res music formats up to 32bit 384kHz and Octo DSD.

  • 215mm width half-sized component, Aluminium face and top-plate;

  • 2mm steel Chassis for anti-vibration and rigidity;

  • Front USB port, dual rear USB ports for HDD expansion (E100) or CD loader (D100) connectivity;

  • Unique to MELCO, Dual Gigabit Ethernet for separate Network and Streamer connectivity;

  • HDD is designed with anti-vibration system "HS-S2"(Highly Stable Storage System) under same concept as N1ZS/2A, &;

  • USB2.0 x 3 are compatible with USB-DAC, USB CD drive and USB storage such as USB HDD (E100) or USB flash memory. When the drive is connected, user can choose the purpose of the drive on the front display. (Import, expansion, backup, restore etc).