Luxman L550AXII Class A Integrated Amplifier
Luxman L550AXII Class A Integrated Amplifier

Luxman L550AXII Class A Integrated Amplifier




Integrated Amplifier



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Luxman L550AXII

Pure Class A Integrated Amplifie

The Luxman L550AXII is a new replacement model of L550AX with improved features and sound quality.

Features of the Luxman L550AXII

Pure Class A

Class A offers a tube-like sound without the maintenance hassle of tubes. It excels in mid-range liquidity, low-level detail, superb dynamics, and transparency.

Input Selector

The Luxman L550AxII features the latest high-quality electronic selector switch, which is the heart of the C-1000f pre-amp. The sound quality deterioration using the new electronic input switch is now minimal. The channel separation and crosstalk efficiency were raised substantially in comparison with the original L550A. In addition, the illuminated position indicator around the input selector knob makes it much easier to view the selected position even from afar.

Volume Control

The integrated amplifiers also benefit from the C-1000f in that they use a variation of the LECUA 1000 volume control. At any single volume setting, only a few resistors are in the circuit per channel. The fewer devices in the signal path, the purer the sound, the cleaner the music.

At low listening levels, potentiometers have trouble keeping both channels in balance, so one channel might easily be 3dB louder than the other. With the volume control made of discrete parts, this is no longer an issue.

Amplifier Section

The ODNF version 3.0A keeps the noise and distortion to a minimum.

Phono Stage

The MM input has approx. 35dB of gain. While the MC input has 55dB of gain (a multiplication of 550x).

Thenew improved phono stage is quieter, more detailed and yet as rich and musical tonally as Luxman is famous for.

Subsonic Filter

A subsonic filter is also easily accessible from the remote control in order to remove unwanted low-frequency noise while you are listening to a record.

When the stylus hits the groove, the woofers modulating in and out, even though there is no music playing yet. This is due to the ultra low frequency information (below the music), this unnecessary information places a strain on the amplifier and is best filtered out. A mono switch is also available for both loudspeaker setup as well as mono record playback.

Headphone Amplifier

There is also a high-quality headphone amplifier, accessible from the front panel. You can turn off the speaker output by a simple click of the Speaker Selector.

The headphone outlet sees the same signal as the speaker terminals, there is one resistor per channel in the signal path to pad down the output.

Two Pairs of Speaker Terminals

Large speaker terminals for driving two individual sets of speakers. At the turn of the speaker switch, it is possible to change between the two pairs of speakers easily. In addition, Luxman uses Takasina capacitors to parallel the output which permits bi-wiring a single pair of speakers if both the A+B function is used.

ODNF 3.0

The ODNF 3.0 technology isolates noise & distortion at the output from the music signal and sparingly applying negative feedback to suppress them. This new technology also ensures the need for a DC servo circuit is alleviated, again improving sound quality.

The version 3.0 has three different audio signal monitoring passes to eliminate any noise or distortion in the music signal. It results in a lower noise floor of about 2 dB, giving you blacker silence between the notes and more dynamic performance.

Tone Controls

The tone controls might seem like an anachronism in this day and age of minimalism, but they can be remarkably effective in bring to life a less than perfect music collection. We all have music gems in our collection that are sonically challenging. A lot of the 1980's CDs are quite harsh sounding and the digital glare can be quite fatiguing. Reducing the treble slightly can make the harsh CD more listenable. Sit back relax, enjoy the music & forgot about the Hi-Fi. When you want to bypass the tone controls, just engage the Line Straight switch, either from the remote control or from the front panel.


    • Sinus power: 2 x 20W/8Ω; 2 x 40W/4Ω

    • Harmonic distortion 0.006% or less (8Ω/1kHz); 0.03% or less (8Ω and 20Hz-20kHz)

    • Input sensitivity/impedance: Phono MM 2.5mV/47kΩ, phono MC 0.3mV/100Ω, line 180mV/42kΩ, balanced line

    • 180mV/79kΩ, main in 450mV/51kΩ

    • Output voltage: Tape 180mV, pre-out 1V

    • Signal/noise ratio: Phono MM over 91dB, phono MC over 75dB, line over 106dB

    • Frequency response: Phono 20Hz-20000Hz (+/- 0.5dB), line 20Hz-100000Hz (- 3dB)

    • Power consumption 280W

    • Weight 22kg