LP Morgan 110" Galleria Plana-U Fixed Projector Screen

LP Morgan 110" Galleria Plana-U Fixed Projector Screen


LP Morgan


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LP Morgan 110" Galleria Plana-U Fixed Projector Screen

LP Morgan Galleria Plana-U Fixed Projector Screen is the workhorse of the LP Morgan range. Saying that this is our standard fabric though shows just how high our minimum expectation is. While it doesn't have the super fine surface structure of Novares, its fine optical-embossing texture will offer fantastic images, even light distribution, sharp data and clear warm vision.

This fabric has a gain of 1:1, is true matte white, with a fine optical surface structure. Plana U offers a wide viewing angle and even light diffusion. This means that no matter where you sit in your home theatre the image will be equally bright and sharp.

Plana U Galleria frame screens are available in both velvet velour and black onyx powdercoat frame finishes. Choose from any aspect ratio 16:9, 2.35:1, 2.37:1, 2.39:1 or 2.40:1. Standard sizes and aspect ratios are shown on our spec sheets, and custom screens can be built to your requirements right up to very large staging sizes.

The Galleria frame design is distinguished by a stylish curved profile that frames the image for your eye. The unique frame and mounting design makes installation a breeze whether you are wall mounting or flying the frame from the ceiling above.