LP Morgan Galleria II Deluxe Novares Fixed - 100"

LP Morgan Galleria II Deluxe Novares Fixed - 100"


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Novares no matter how you say it is the screen fabric long regarded as the industry benchmark in Australia. Often tested against the competition, the Novares holds its ground as a premium offering in the Australian made, high-end frame screen market.

We've known for many years how good Novares is, but now we have the endorsement of the Imaging Science Foundation which rates Novares performance as amongst the best.

For the past ten years plus reviewers, system designers and movie buffs alike have enjoyed the rich and film-like results of watching their favourite movies on a Novares screen. It transcends quality, giving true film-warmth and tone integrity to your projected images.

What makes the Novares special is its incredibly fine pattern of micro embossing. This superfine structure ensures that your projected image is true to the quality of your projector. It faithfully reproduces every pixel of detail and brightness, with fabulous edge to edge consistency.

Novares has a low gain and wide viewing angle making it perfect for your home cinema.

As our premium fabric we recommend the Novares being paired with the velvet velour frame finish. Novares screens can be made in your choice of aspect ratio.

The LP Morgan Galleria Novares Australian, world class and truly worth staying home for.