Hegel V10 MM & MC Phono Amplifier
Hegel V10 MM & MC Phono Amplifier

Hegel V10 MM & MC Phono Amplifier




Phono Preamplifier

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The Hegel V10 MM & MC Phono Amplifier 

Designed to service a wide range of moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges, aided by its highly flexible gain, loading and subsonic filter settings that are selected via a matrix of DIP switches underneath the black case. Indeed, the elegant but functional Norwegian styling belies the scope of this vinyl-loving preamp. So it’s worth taking the time to dial-up the optimum settings and realise a sound that’s both smooth and gloriously insightful, and clearly ‘voiced’ to partner Hegel’s other electronics.


Hegel V10 Phono Amplifier REVIEW... by Sound Stage Hifi


"What I think we have here is a very, very good phono preamplifier at a price that I believe belies its performance - it betters our, admittedly cheaper, reference by quite a margin - certainly more than the £150 price difference would suggest. It is transparent, detailed, and honest with what it is given by your cartridge, but it doesn't mask any imperfections with a pressing or well-used disc. It has a good range of features including catering for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges, a subsonic filter that blocks frequencies below 20Hz, gain settings for very low output MC cartridges, and balanced XLR outputs." ... by Hifi Pig (UK)

Technical Specifications

Amplifier Typology: Ultra low noise discrete JFET transistor input stage for both MC and MM
Gain XLR Out MM: 40dB / 45dB / 50dB / 52dB
Gain XLR Out MC: 60dB / 65dB / 70dB / 72dB
Gain RCA Out MM: 34dB / 39dB / 44dB / 46dB
Gain RCA Out MC: 54dB / 59dB / 64dB / 66dB
MC Load Impedance: Freely adjustable between 33 and 550 ohm / 47 kohm
MM Load Capacitance: 100pF / 147pF / 220pF / 247pF / 320pF / 420pF / 467pF @ 47 kohm
Subsonic Filter: Switchable on / off, -3dB at 20Hz, -18dB octave
RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0,2dB / 20Hz - 20kHz
Output Noise*: -84dB/MM ("A" weighted ref: 0dBV), -81dB/MC ("A" weighted ref: 0dBV)
Output Impedance XLR / RCA: 200 ohm
Channel Crosstalk: -84dB @1kHz 0dBV
Frequency Response: 2Hz - 20kHz
Distortion (THD) MM: < 0.005% @1kHz 0dBV
Distortion (THD) MC: < 0.009% @1kHz 0dBV
Inputs: 1 x unbalanced (RCA) MM, 1 x unbalanced (RCA) MC
Outputs: 1 x unbalanced fixed (RCA), 1 x balanced fixed (XLR)
Power Adapter: Hegel Power Adapter M30103
Dimensions with Feet: 6cm x 21cm x 28cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 2.2kg unit weight
* When stable operating temperature has been reached