Audioquest Diamond Optical Cable (piece)
Audioquest Diamond Optical Cable (piece)
Audioquest Diamond Optical Cable (piece)

Audioquest Diamond Optical Cable (piece)




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Audioquest Diamond Optical Cable

The Audioquest DiamondOptical cable uses bundles of very small fibers to achieve lower dispersion and low jitter. Furthermore, it uses very narrow-aperture quartz Fibers with precision polished fiber ends to achieve the best result an optical fiber cable can achieve.

TheBenefits of Toslink Optical Cable

Toslink Optical Cablecarries a digital audio stream to an AV receiver with adocoding function.

Benefits of the Narrow-Aperture Fibers

The effect of the narrow-aperture is similar to how a pin-hole camera can take a picture without a lens. By letting in light at only a very limited range of angles, a picture can be taken. Whereas removing the lens from a wider aperture would make photography impossible. Less light gets through a multi-fiber cable, but the light that does get into the fibers comes out within in a much smaller time-envelope.

So there is one problem, the dispersion of light across time … and two avenues towards a better result: less dispersion in the fiber (better polymers and ultimately quartz), and less dispersion by filtering the input angle. How simple is that! Listen and enjoy.

Features of theAudioquest Diamond Optical Cable

  • 280 Narrow-Aperture Quartz (Fused-Silica) Fibers

  • Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)

  • Precision Polished Fiber Ends

  • 3 meter and above In-Wall Rated PVC