Emotiva TA100 BASX Pre-amp/DAC/Tuner Integrated Amp
Emotiva TA100 BASX Pre-amp/DAC/Tuner Integrated Amp

Emotiva TA100 BASX Pre-amp/DAC/Tuner Integrated Amp




Stereo Receiver

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Emotiva TA100

PreAmp/DAC/Tuner/Integrated Amp


TheEmotiva TA100 is an all-in-one convenient package. It combines the features and capabilities of an quality stereo pre-amplifier, DAC, FM tuner and an integrated amplifier.

The preamp section includes line level analogue inputs for a CD player or line-level source, a built-in USB DAC with plenty of digital inputs for your computer and other digital stereo sources, a high quality phono preamp which supports both MM & MC cartridges. Further more, it has provision for an optional high quality AptX bluetooth input module. The tuner offers full digital control and 50 station presets. The Class A/B amplifier section delivers plenty of clean power. The Emotiva TA100 also includes a pre-out for a powered subwoofer.


Analog Inputs

2 pairs — stereo analog line level inputs (CD, Aux).
1 pair — stereo phono inputs (switchable; moving magnet or moving coil).
1 tuner — FM (with external antenna input; 50 station presets).

Digital Inputs

digital coax (S/PDIF); 24/192k.
digital optical (Toslink); 24/192k.
digital USB (DAC input); 24/96k; no drivers required.
Bluetooth receiver (requires optional AptX Bluetooth dongle).


1 pair — main line level output; stereo, unbalanced.
1 pair — speaker outputs; stereo, 5-way binding post.
2 — summed full range outputs (for connecting one or two subwoofers).
1 — stereo headphone output (front panel).

Analog Performance (line level)

Maximum output level: 4 VRMS
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 50 kHz +/- 0.04 dB.
THD+noise: < 0.0015% (A-weighted).
IMD: < 0.004% (SMPTE).
S/N ratio: > 115 dB.
Crosstalk: < 90 dB.

Analog Performance (to speaker outputs; both channels driven)

50 watts RMS per channel (20 Hz — 20 kHz; THD < 0.02%; into 8 Ohms).
90 watts RMS per channel (1 kHz; THD < 1%; into 4 Ohms).
Power bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz + 0 dB / — 0.25 dB (at rated power; into 8 Ohms).
Broadband frequency response: 20 Hz to 80 kHz + 0 dB / — 3 dB.
THD+noise: < 0.05% (A-weighted).
S/N ratio: > 100 dB (A-weighted; ref full power).
S/N ratio: > 85 dB (A-weighted; ref 1 watt).

Analog Performance (phono)

Frequency response (MM and MC): 20 Hz to 20 kHz; ref standard RIAA curve.
THD+noise: < 0.015% (MM; A-weighted); < 0.06% (MC; A-weighted).
S/N ratio: > 90 dB (MM); > 68 dB (MC).

Analog Performance (headphone output power)

8 Ohms: 23 mW / channel
33 Ohms: 90 mW / channel
47 Ohms: 127 mW / channel
150 Ohms: 145 mW / channel
300 Ohms: 114 mW / channel
600 Ohms: 75 mW / channel

Digital Performance

Frequency response: 5 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.15 dB (44k sample rate).
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 80 kHz +/- 0.25 dB (192k sample rate).
THD+noise: < 0.003% (A-weighted; all sample rates).
IMD: < 0.007% (SMPTE).
S/N ratio: > 110 dB.


12 VDC trigger output.

Power Requirements

115 VAC or 230 VAC @ 50 / 60 Hz (automatically detected).

Controls and Indicators

Power: rocker switch; rear panel.
Standby: one front panel push button; halo ring changes color to indicate status.
Two front panel pushbuttons: Input Select; menu operation.
One front panel knob: Volume; Tuning; menu operation.
Display: high visibility blue alphanumeric VFD display (dimmable).

Remote Control

Compact full-function infrared remote control.

Menu and Control System

Simplified, highly intuitive menu system.
(includes Setup options, Bass, Treble, and Balance controls).


43cm wide x 7cm high x 32cm deep (without connectors).
54cm long x 18cm high x 45 high deep (boxed).


7 KGS (net)
9 KGS(gross)